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by Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Strategist Galen Bingham

This is the role of a leader. It’s actually the only role of a leader. We don’t need titles or designated compensation packages. Organizational charts will not help or hinder us in living up to this responsibility.

If we can show up:
• at our jobs
• at our volunteer projects
• with our friends
• with our family
• in our churches
• with your customers
• in our communities
• with total strangers

…possessing the values, relevant knowledge, authenticity and desire to help others be MORE; we can be leaders.

MORE is in all of us. Sometimes it’s as obvious as a studious fourth-grader begging to answer a question in class. Sometimes it’s camouflaged as employee disengagement, hidden from view from the casual manager passing by. But it’s there; it’s always there. Effective leaders are able to identify the spark within everyone and feed it so it becomes a flame. When nurtured, the flame eventually grows into an uncontrollable fire. When the uncontrollable fire is encouraged to burn, it can turn a mission into a movement.

So back to the role of leadership:
• Leaders aren’t responsible for executing tasks, but for inspiring others to want to over-deliver against aspirational goals.
• Leaders aren’t responsible for making people fulfill job descriptions, but for inspiring people to want to invest even discretionary resources to ensure success – even resources the leader didn’t know would be needed.
• Leadership does not require a title, a spot on an organizational chart, or a compensation package. To be a leader requires only the capacity to inspire MORE.
I invite you to join me on this journey to becoming a better leader.

How will you inspire MORE?

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