KNOWN AS THE LEADERSHIP STRATEGIST®, Galen’s journey into leadership development is a testament to the power of determination, ambition, and a relentless pursuit of personal growth.

His professional journey began as a sales representative with Kraft General Foods—a pivotal moment that ignited his passion for sales and leadership. From his very first day in the corporate world, Galen had a clear vision: to become the Senior Vice President of Sales for a Fortune 500 Company. Every move, every late night, and every milestone was a stepping stone towards that goal. Pursuing his ambition with unwavering dedication, Galen earned an MBA at Rice University and was eventually inducted into the prestigious Coca-Cola North America President’s Club as a Director of Sales.

However, Galen’s journey took an unexpected turn when he accepted an 18-month developmental assignment as an internal coach for all employees in the Central 3rd of the United States for Coca-Cola North America. What started as a temporary assignment soon evolved into a lifelong passion. As his coaching responsibilities expanded to cover the entire US, and later extended to support employees in London, Canada, and Mexico, Galen discovered a new calling—one that went beyond climbing the corporate ladder.

Galen’s journey as a coach continued to evolve as he was loaned as an asset of The Coca-Cola Company to key strategic customers, further deepening his expertise and insights into leadership development. Over the years, what began as an 18-month assignment turned into an 8.5-year journey and a shift in Galen’s focus.

While he may no longer aspire to be a Senior Vice President, his passion for leadership remains stronger than ever. Galen trained as a Certified Executive Coach at the World Coach Institute and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation and Goleman Emotional Intelligence organization.  As a globally renowned leadership coach, Galen now dedicates his time to coaching SVPs, senior executives, CEOs and nonprofit leaders all over the world, spanning 12 different countries.


Today, Galen is the bestselling author of IMPACT: A Leadership Fable – Your Power to Make a Lasting Difference and IMPACT: A Leadership Fable Companion – 200 Powerful Leadership & Personal Excellence Quotes. His straight-talk insight has earned raved reviews for his podcast: Whiskey, Jazz and Leadership – (available on every podcast platform and streams in 20 countries). 



Galen is a wonderful leadership strategist! I have observed Galen thoughtfully and systematically work to help other leaders get in touch with their own “personal why” – each person’s core personal mission which inspires them to do what they are doing. WHAT he has to say and HOW he says it is masterful.

Testimonial Item

Anna Crosslin

President & CEO International Institute

Galen is dedicated and jumps into the difficult projects. Along with providing valuable insights, his outstanding people skills and leadership abilities help improve our board functioning with management as a cohesive team.

Testimonial Item

Steve O'Hara

Retired CEO Rawlings Sporting Goods

Galen is a consummate professional and business leader who cares deeply about making a difference and who is extremely effective in leading others to achieve extraordinary results, both personally and professionally. He possesses the rare qualities and skills to think strategically and drive execution to achieve tangible results.

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Hugh Roth

SVP - Chief Customer and Business Development Officer, PepsiCo

Galen is a consummate professional who gets results - a passionate and driven thought leader with a thirst for knowledge. A valuable coach and process improvement enabler.

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Scott Young

Senior Vice President Sales - U.S, Freudenberg Household Products

Galen provided excellent leadership and guidance during our recent leadership planning session. So much so, we invited him to keynote two regional sessions for the balance of our organization. Galen was dynamic, engaging and insightful. I strongly recommend Galen as a keynote speaker or strategic planning work session facilitator.

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Jeff Carper

Senior Vice President of Restaurant Operations, White Castle

Galen is a consummate professional and has really perfected his craft. Our team greatly benefited from Galen's thought leadership around strategic thinking and customer engagement.

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Ed Baines

Sales Governance Leader, Equifax

I had the opportunity to work with Galen at The Coca-Cola Company. He was instrumental in the development of the selling capabilities of my team. He was always professional -- challenging all of us to fine-tune our skills.

Testimonial Item

Mike Cinque

President, Kroger Team, The Coca-Cola Company

Galen is forever learning, teaching and sharing. He pro-motes confidence and self-reliance. A remarkable speaker and facilitator.

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Thresa Bertram

Sales and Branding Professional Your Company Name

Galen is an amazing corporate and non-profit facilitator and thought partner! His ability to build teamwork and a spirit of cooperation as a facilitator of meetings and strategic planning sessions is remarkable. A proven leader, Galen has the uncanny ability to bring a team together around a single purpose, a common vision and can get everyone to come on-board to a unified strategy with energy and complete buy-in. Galen is a strong facilitator or motivator!

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Dan Buck

Managing Partner, Founder, Big Sports Properties, LLC

Galen is a pro. He is highly collaborative with team leaders, facilitates with good energy and expertise, and always has command of the materials.

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Mark Souba

Chief Development Officer, Pizza Ranch, Inc

Galen is energetic and full of creative ideas. What sets him apart is his inquisitiveness, attention to detail and heightened intellect.

Galen is an excellent communicator who engenders the support and respect of everyone he works with. Equipped with a calm demeanor and a bull dog’s tenacity. He inherently makes the environment comfortable, stress-free and primed for productivity.

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Bruce Shead

Experienced Senior Marketing and Sales Executive

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