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by Executive Coach and Leadership Strategist Galen Bingham

Today’s the day. We all have 86,000 seconds each day. How will you invest YOURS?

  1. Commit to being better than you were yesterday.
  2. Do more than what is necessary.
  3. Redefine what is possible.
  4. Move the curve far beyond what others can attain.
  5. If detractors gossiped about you yesterday, give them real problems to talk about today.
  6. Require peers to pick up their pace or get lapped – BADLY.
  7. Refuse to slow down so others can “look good for the cameras”.
  8. Give God a major return on His investment in you.
  9. Look back on yesterday as if it were a mere coffee break.
  10. Make others call you crazy.
  11. Cause others to question their own competency.
  12. At the end of today – crawl off the field, the court, out of the meeting room, the boardroom, the operating room, the classroom; close the computer; put down the pen, the musical instrument, the books; leave the gym, the non-profit cause totally exhausted; knowing that you ran out of hours before you ran out of productivity – the clock actually gave up before you did.
  13. Tomorrow when others talk badly about what you did today, just smile and thank them for the motivation – to do it ALL OVER AGAIN.
  14. BRING IT!

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