IMPACT: A Leadership Fable Companion: 200 Powerful Leadership and Personal Excellence Quotes

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In IMPACT: A Leadership Fable - Your Power to Make a Lasting Difference, students of Anywhere University find study-refuge in a fictitious local coffeeshop called Beans. The shop proprietor has decorated shop walls with numbered placards referencing quotes from leaders, educators, philosophers and authors; and a few seemingly from his own personal experience. For years students and alumni have taken pride in memorizing Beans Wall Quotes, reference number and all. Now, with this companion book, you can do the same.

Regardless of country, time period, cause or mission, all great leaders have one thing in common. All have the power to move people with their words. Perfectly timed phrases can make us laugh, cry, go to war or commit to love only one person for a lifetime. Effective leaders consistently use their words to invoke emotion in the people they influence.

In IMPACT: A Leadership Fable Companion, Galen Bingham has hand-selected 200 powerful leadership and personal excellence quotes. Whether success is sought in business, the arts, science or sports; every piece of advice seems to find root in five specific areas: attitude, focus, perseverance, relationships and initiation of action. As easy as these principles are to write, they seem even easier to forget.

Whether you are seasoned leader, taking on your first management responsibility or in pursuit of a new watermark of personal performance; I hope this companion and it’s accompanying leadership fable will inspire you to live a more honorable version of your life. More important, I hope at least one quote will spark a fire for you to become a leader of impact; a master in your chosen field of excellence.

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